Delivering utility scale solar power on time and within budget


Renewable Properties works closely with utilities throughout the U.S. to deliver safe, reliable and cost effective renewable energy to their diversified energy portfolios. Whether you’re interested in owning one of our utility scale solar power plants and monetizing the tax benefits, or entering into one or more long term power purchase agreements, our team has a unique approach to power marketing and project development. 

We work creatively with a wide range of municipal and investor-owned utility companies, electric cooperatives, and community choice aggregators (CCAs) looking to put more utility-scale solar power plants in the ground and clean electrons on the grid.

Our team is active in a variety of markets: cost-competitive power markets, states with aggressive renewable portfolio standards (RPS), and regions where the demand is driven by ratepayers. We cater to multiple deal structures and our access to both land, capital, and EPCs  allow us to transact quickly.

Contact a member of our utility-scale solar team to discuss long term power purchase agreements and the utility-scale solar power plants we have in development.