An experienced project partner

Renewable Properties has a unique and industry leading approach when it comes to working with solar development partners at various stages throughout the development value chain. Whether your financing is stalled out or you need additional manpower, we have the in-house expertise and flexibility to structure a transaction that can work for all parties.  Whether you’re interested in co-developing, or an outright project sale, our team of industry professionals are happy to collaborate to find the right structure for each individual transaction.

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Every solar energy deal is unique and requires a project-specific solution. By leveraging years of solar experience, Renewable Properties is able to perform solar feasibility studies and all necessary due diligence so we can reach a decision point in a quick and efficient manner. 

Solar PV feasibility study

Renewable Properties has the expertise and resources to cost effectively determine if a project site and//or acquisition is not only viable and constructible, but financeable as well.  Our industry leading team of solar project finance and development professionals work in a collaborative manner to conduct solar feasibility studies for developers and partners across the Country. 

Securing land for solar development

Members of our team have backgrounds in both commercial real estate and large-scale solar energy development, making the site selection process relatively quick and easy. We work directly with landowners to identify the ideal parcel, and, based on your needs for the property, can assess whether it makes sense to purchase the land outright, or lease it for 20 years or more. 

The approach we take is straightforward and meant to be informative for all parties involved whether they have experience transacting in solar energy or not. We like to visit and walk the site, meet with property owners, or their representatives, and discuss the viability of a project moving forward and what the economics will look like for the parties involved. 

Visit our landowners page to learn more about how we develop solar farms. 

Getting started

Once we’ve had an initial conversation with a landowner, our team does all the heavy lifting and reviews the economics of the deal to see if the transaction will work, produces a letter of intent (LOI) to review and execute so both parties are on the same page about deal terms and schedules before we go through the formal due diligence process (ensuring a proper use of everyone’s time). The final step is to negotiate and execute a solar land lease agreement or purchase and sale agreement. 

Securing land and conducting a solar feasibility study are just the first steps in a multifaceted development process. Once we've completed the solar feasibility study and land is secured, we initiate the interconnection, power marketing and permitting process; all of which need to be complete with agreements and approvals in hand prior to commencing construction.

Contact a member of our solar development team to discuss how we can help you get your solar projects financed and built.